The Hate U Give impressions

I think the book “The Hate U Give” was a good “tool” for me to get insights on what it’s like to be an African American teen in the US today because it’s easier to understand a character in a book than to just watch the news where you’d only see it from an outside perspective. I liked how we got to know Starr personally throughout the book, with both her life at Williamson Prep and her life in Garden Heights. This made me connect more with her because it shows she’s just a regular teen with regular teen issues, and how that teen has to deal with the death of her childhood friend.

I found it disturbing how King (who is kind of Starr’s relative) tries to kill Starr because she stated that Khalil was a dealer. I found it most disturbing when he set fire to the store while she was in it, and stands outside the store and lights a cigarette to show that it was him.

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