The Hate U Give

In the three first chapters in the book, we get to know Starr, her friends, and her family. We get to learn that she’s an outsider where she lives because she goes to prep school a 45-minute drive away. Also, her family doesn’t let her go out to parties in the area. But the one time she decides to go to a party, everything goes wrong.

Gunshots are fired and she and her friend Khalil runs to his car to drive away from the party. On their way back home a police car stops and pulls them over. Khalil tries to act tough towards the officer, the officer then decides to body search him, he finds nothing and tells Starr and Khalil to not move. But Khalil does when he is about to check if Starr is okay, and he gets shot three times. He dies instantly.

What stood out to me from what I read is that Starr and Khalil’s friend Natasha was also shot dead on the street, not by an officer but by a drive-by shooter. She died at only ten years old. It also stood out to me that there were quite a few bible references like “Suddenly I’m Eve in the Garden after she ate the fruit”.

It made an impression on me how little the officer trusted Khalil, and shot first and asked the questions later. I think it made an impression on me because something like this would never happen in Norway, and I feel lucky that I don’t have to be scared of the police.

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