Trump VS. Biden

In the statistics, we can see what the average percentage of voters would vote for, if the election were today. There is a majority of people voting for Biden from every source, but the difference between Biden and Trump voters is minimal.

Different opinions

On the issue of Public School options, Biden does not agree with federal funding for, for-profit charter schools. But Trump has increased federal funding for for-profit charter schools while in office.

On the issue of Privatization, Biden opposes vouchers because they aren’t giving all children a fair shot. Trump, on the other hand, describes vouchers as a shot to achieving the American Dream and he is also funding private schools.

On the issue of Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Biden wants more funding so educators don’t have to worry about paying their student debt while educating the next generation. While Trump is requesting the elimination of the program.


In the movie, we meet Maud Watts. She works at a cleaning factory in London. We get to see her attitude towards the women’s rights movement change from being indifferent, to being on the front lines fighting for her right to vote. The movie is based on and around true happenings that occurred during the time of the suffrage movement.

The movie painted a good picture of what it was like to be a woman in early 1900. Watching Maud live her life being harassed by her boss to losing her son is almost too awful to watch, but sadly this was the life of a woman at that time.

Emmeline Pankhurst was born on 15th of July 1858 and died 14th of June 1928, just weeks before the Representation of the People Act of 1928 was signed, where the vote was extended to all women over 21. Pankhurst is recognized for organizing the suffragette movement in the UK. She founded the Women’s Social and Political Union also known as WSPU. This was an all-women suffrage organization that was often in opposition to political parties in the UK. Emmeline Pankhurst was named one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century by Time in 1999.

In the US we have the National American Woman Suffrage Association, also known as  NAWSA, which was led by Carrie Chapman Catt. NAWSA campaigned to get women in individual states to get the right to vote. They also lobbied the congress and the president at that time (Wilson), to pass a woman suffrage Constitutional Amendment. NAWSA was formed in 1890.

The Hate U Give impressions

I think the book “The Hate U Give” was a good “tool” for me to get insights on what it’s like to be an African American teen in the US today because it’s easier to understand a character in a book than to just watch the news where you’d only see it from an outside perspective. I liked how we got to know Starr personally throughout the book, with both her life at Williamson Prep and her life in Garden Heights. This made me connect more with her because it shows she’s just a regular teen with regular teen issues, and how that teen has to deal with the death of her childhood friend.

I found it disturbing how King (who is kind of Starr’s relative) tries to kill Starr because she stated that Khalil was a dealer. I found it most disturbing when he set fire to the store while she was in it, and stands outside the store and lights a cigarette to show that it was him.


By watching this documentary I’ve learned a lot about the issues regarding the prison system in the US. Like how different reforms and laws where made by the state to control people, or in this case African Americans. Like in the 13th amendment where if you’re convicted as a felon, you’re a slave of the state.

I got insights on what the situation around the mass incarceration issue in the US surrounding imprisonment of black men. Like how around 40% of black men have been to prison or are in prison, and how this is a serious problem connected to the 13th amendment.

Questions I still have after watching is: how can we change things and make them right? and what can I do to spread awareness and help out?

The Hate U Give

In the three first chapters in the book, we get to know Starr, her friends, and her family. We get to learn that she’s an outsider where she lives because she goes to prep school a 45-minute drive away. Also, her family doesn’t let her go out to parties in the area. But the one time she decides to go to a party, everything goes wrong.

Gunshots are fired and she and her friend Khalil runs to his car to drive away from the party. On their way back home a police car stops and pulls them over. Khalil tries to act tough towards the officer, the officer then decides to body search him, he finds nothing and tells Starr and Khalil to not move. But Khalil does when he is about to check if Starr is okay, and he gets shot three times. He dies instantly.

What stood out to me from what I read is that Starr and Khalil’s friend Natasha was also shot dead on the street, not by an officer but by a drive-by shooter. She died at only ten years old. It also stood out to me that there were quite a few bible references like “Suddenly I’m Eve in the Garden after she ate the fruit”.

It made an impression on me how little the officer trusted Khalil, and shot first and asked the questions later. I think it made an impression on me because something like this would never happen in Norway, and I feel lucky that I don’t have to be scared of the police.

The UK election…

And the winner of the 2019 general election is… the Conservative party. (Shocking, at least to me). Boris Johnson got his clear mandate to go through with his plans for Brexit.

The labor party suffered a clear loss and Mr. Crobyn himself said in response that he is very disappointed with the turnout. He also said he will not lead the Labour party into another election again.

Mr. Johnson will continue to negotiate a good deal with the EU. And because of the results, he is empowered to see through whatever he sees fit to get his plans through.

The consequences of the results of this election could be that Johnson doesn’t think about his majority of people in the Brexit deals with the EU and he could also ruin the British economy.